Our Story

There is a saying: "The best ability is availability." With the worldwide pandemic causing global supply chain disruptions everywhere, there are significant issues with the availability of paper and plastic products related to serving and packaging food and beverages. Many existing companies that manufactured these products simply could not pivot quickly enough to find new factories or suppliers to meet demand. 
That opened an opportunity for Scobird to rise up and fill the void. Without existing contractual obligations to bog us down, we were able to move nimbly to find manufacturing facilities and suppliers in different parts of the world where these supply chain issues don't exist. And while most manufacturers rely on ports on the west coast that are backed up for weeks due to congestion, we seamlessly bring our products through the port at Savannah, Georgia, to our warehouses in Atlanta. 
In short, Scobird is making sure that our products are available to our valued customers. But we don't stop there. With high quality products at low prices, we have successfully married availability with reliability and affordability!